Ant-Watching: Hiking for Science!

What does this mean:

We’re looking for ant-watchers! If you’re out hiking the Nature Park Hirschwald and come across an ant nest (commonly called an „anthill“) by the wayside, then do report its location on this page. Our ant expert will verify your report on site and determine which ant species it is. In time, this will help us form an idea of the ant species living in the Nature Park Hirschwald and their frequency. So by watching out for ants you can help us create a scientific data base. More than half of the Bavarian ant species are endangered!

And hey kids: If you’re on a walk or hike with your parents then look out for anthills along the way and let us know if you see any. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo: Ameisennest © Markus Raum

1. Determine the location

4. In order to notify us about an ant nest please click on "Zum BayernAtlas" (top left). In the BayernAtlas you can find your position by moving the mouse. Then click right and a new window will open. Copy the coordinates in the line „GK4“. Here is an example:

4495380, 5467135

Enter the coordinates manually in the form below, separated by a comma and a space.

2. Fill out the form