The Nature Park Hirschwald is looking for red kite observers!

Fascinating red kite: Birds of prey are an impressive sight. The red kite is one of the most impressive birds of prey in the sky because of its special flight pattern. Its distinguishing feature, the forked shape of its tail feathers, is usually easy to recognize.

Its population has declined since the last area-wide surveys in 1988. This is especially bad, because Germany is home to about 50% of the world's red kite population. In order to fulfill our reporting obligations to authorities and our duties in the protection of our declining wildlife species, we ask for your assistance. To help us better assess the red kite breeding population in the Nature Park Hirschwald, please report any red kite sightings to us through this reporting platform.
After we have collected the data for a while, our park rangers will take care of a further professional assessment of the sightings. It is important, that you set the point approximately where you saw the red kite and not at your location.

1. Determine the location

4. In order to notify us about a red kite sighting, please click on "Zum BayernAtlas" (top left). In the BayernAtlas you can find your position by moving the mouse. Then click right and a new window will open. Copy the coordinates in the line „GK4“. Here is an example:

4495380, 5467135

Enter the coordinates manually in the form below, separated by a comma and a space.

2. Fill out the form